Dolls For Grown Ups…

I am an adult collector who intends to share an unedited view of their collection to a mature audience for the purpose of entertainment, knowledge-sharing, and fun.
I will often use profane language, images, descriptions and/or concepts that some people find inappropriate.
For example, bloody dolls, curse words, zombies, mature references, etc.

If you can’t fully enjoy my blog, please don’t look at it. It’s not even my job to respectfully warn you, but I have!

This Advisory also means that reviews will be made of a product(s) and it may be deemed unsuitable for young people to view or read without a parent’s utmost approval. This is designed to keep adult content out of the hands of young children as much as possible.
I am a fierce advocate of parents knowing exactly what their children are doing, and that is why I’ve made the effort to type all of this out.

If you are STILL interested in what I have to blog about, by all means… LET’S PARTY!


Glamsanity Pinterest                            Glamsanity Etsy
Macabre Shoppe Pinterest                  Macabre Shoppe Etsy


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