Kennedy Loves an “All Day Sucker” (Cont. w/more photos & details) – My Scene Retro Glam RollerGirls

I figured that this doll would make a good starter for my blog. 
She is my most recent acquisition!

Doll: “My Scene RollerGirls” Kennedy Doll (Mattel, 2006)
Doll Description: Kennedy knows retro fashion is all the rage!
She’s rockin’ a red miniskirt, rainbow striped halter, and awesome accessories!
Why I bought her:
Awesome accessories (including another outfit), Bright colors, and her Controversial look.
This doll’s outfit is crazy sexy, like some kind of cute and quirky lingerie you’d purchase to spice up the bedroom!
She actually came with a cardboard cutout of an all-day sucker… NOT EVEN KIDDING.
The outfit has been made pretty cheaply, too (some uneven seams)…
…but who cares about that when it’s only meant to last for one lap-dance before it’s removed?? LOL
RollerGirl Retro Glam?
RollerDerby Hot Damn!

New In the Box

Hanging on her Glittery cardboard backing

Her adorable Cherry earrings *POP!*

Her trendy visor and cardstock lollipop… I’m still chuckling.

Starry Sunglasses

Detail shot of her cheap/weird stitching.

So, to show off the extra outfit and accessories, I brought a My Scene Nolee into the photoshoot to model.
On a side note, Nolee has a belly button piercing!
I’ve pictured it in this post because it’ll probably never get its own blog post, but it’s still interesting in regards to the My Scene target audience age, which I believe is meant to be 7-12 year olds! 
I’m not sure what Mattel was thinking, or if they were thinking at all, but I wonder if Nolee’s “hidden bling” was even something parents would notice before buying.
I mean, you can see above how hectic and distracting the RollerGirls boxing looks!
Nolee is just an extra doll of mine that came in a lot I purchased some time ago.
She still needs a bit of work (some marks that are not easily removed by cleaning),
but she is the only My Scene type that I had handy.
Her black bracelet was already on, and her shoes are Target Exclusive Barbie Basics Red & White strappy heels.
The rest of the outfit came with Kennedy.
So for my last picture, here they are together!
I hope that you have enjoyed my first post, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think!


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  1. Great photos! It is odd about the belly piercing. In the past whenever Mattel has done things like this on dolls there has been such a song and dance about it. Remember Butterfly Art Barbie? Barbies with tattoos, how shocking! And as for poor old Earring Magic Ken, he was forever tagged as “Gay Ken”. It seems like all the venom is reserved for regular Barbie.

    • I remember the Butterfly tattoo Barbie for sure! In fact, I noticed that there was one “fluttering” around on recently, and I was tempted.
      I had to look into the Ken that you mentioned because I read your comment and thought … “No way.”
      His hair reminds me of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I won’t even comment on his purple pleather and mesh outfit… wow! He’s fabulous.
      I think the only reason I never had one was probably because I would have been younger when he was released and I didn’t really like dolls of any kind until I was in my late teens.
      Otherwise, I just love those weird concept dolls and I’m sure I would have bought him 😀 LoL
      Thanks for the comment and like, I’ve been a follower of your blog for a couple of months now, and I always love it when your posts pop up in my inbox!
      Not to mention, by boyfriend is an Aussie (I’ll be living in SYD with him soon) and it’s been very interesting hearing about how you find and acquire your dolls.

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